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1997 Saturn Sl2 Cranks But No Start - 1997 Saturn SL2 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive 195000 miles I have a problem with the starting of my car. I tried to crank it and it would not start. This eventually killed my battery, the constant turning the engine over without starting. I thought it was the fuel pump.. I have a 1997 saturn sc2 cranks but will not start. Appears to have spark on all 4 cylinders with plugs laying on exhaust manifold. i have a 2000 Saturn SL2 1.9 liter. Turned over than died with a thud, it will turnover but it is not firing? I got a 1997 saturn sc2 with p0300, I checked ignition system and found all the firing find, but. i just got a 97 saturn it cranks but wont start. i replaced the eecm under the coil packs. it sparks 2 times and - Saturn 1997 SL question. Search Fixya. Browse Categories Answer Questions My saturn SL2 died at idleand now wont crank overthere is juice to the starter and the battery has 13.1 volts.

1997 Saturn SL2 vin 7 - cranks good - won't start - replaced fuel pump and crank sensor. It will run with a shot of ether. The problem began on cold mornings in the mid 30 temp range, but now won't start at all.. 1997 Saturn Sl2 Car Will Not Start. 1997 Saturn Sl2 Cranks Wont Start. Engine Performance Problem 1997 Saturn Sl2 4 Cyl Front Wheel Drive 195000 Miles I. Mar 27, 2009  · 1997 saturn sl won't start. sjones6335. 02-07-2009, 11:36 AM. My 1997 Saturn SL1 will not start. It's been at a mechanic for over a week & it still won't start. It gave me trouble starting a couple weeks ago & then one morning it just would not start again. When I turned the key it would turn over but not fire. Your's sounds like a crank.

Sep 10, 2013  · Saturn SL2 won't start-not the starter SC/SL/SW michellej0000. 09-03-2005, 01:46 PM. My 1997 Saturn SL2 has run so great until now. It has 150,500 miles on it. I drove home Tuesday, parked. come back in 5 minutes or so and try to start the car it will not crank. Leave it for 1/2 hour or so and it will then start. 1. Battery good. All. Jan 06, 2013  · 97 Saturn sl1 will crank but wont start The car has sit in the same spot for about a year without being touched. I replaced the battery, spark pugs, and air filter. Checked all the fluids and added fuel and engine oil cleaner, havent gotten to the oil change yet. Vehicle has power and starter will crank but will not move the engine at all.. 98 saturn, 90k on it. I just drove to NJ and back (like 7 hours of driving) and parked my car overnight. '94 SL2 Man '95 SL2 Man '95 SL2 Man '97 SL2 Man '98 SL2 Auto '99 SL2 Auto. Quote. Like. Dislike. Share. One morning I went to start it and it would crank but wouldn't fire. Went online found this wonderful web site, went to Auto Zone.

Saturn S-Series Starting Problems on and off for the last few months my saturn sl has been having starting problems. It turns over but just doesnt ever start up. All the dashboard lights turn on and the headlights are on as well. But if i drive home, turn the car off and then try to start it, no start. But it will start a few hours later.. 1997 Saturn will not start. 2014 at 02:21 PM about the 1997 Saturn S-Series 4 Dr SL1 Sedan Question type: Maintenance & Repair I thought it was the battery and i tock the had it tested and they said it was fine, and said it might be the starter saturn 2001 sl2 cranks will not start 1 Answer.. Feb 12, 2010  · Help! My 2002 Saturn SL won't start. The starter seems to work and it sounds like it is trying to start the car but for some reason it won't turn over or it won't spark. (I exchanged the two year old battery with a new one and that's not the problem.) I didn't notice any problems with it the last time I drove it but did fill up the tank..

Saturn S-Series Starting Problems Engine Crank- No Start. problem= intermittent start connect to OBD and check malfunction history My 1998 Saturn SL quit starting in the morning. The starter cranks over fine but it will not start, I can hear the fuel pump whirring away too. If I roll out of my driveway and pop the clutch, it catches. If the Saturn Sl2 will turn over but not start, check for ignition fire first. If there is no fire then look at the crank shaft sensor and coil pack as possible problem areas.. 1997 Saturn SL2 1.9L No Start Posted to GM Driveability on 4/7/2004 8 Replies This 97 Saturn SL2 will crank but not start in park but if you put it in neutral it will start..

Oct 07, 2011  · 1997 Saturn will not start? Its an automatic, recently had an automatic car start but has since been removed. Will not even crank, if you try to start it by crossing the solenoid to the starter (forgive me if I phrased that wrong I'm just the relay person) it will crank but not start.. What to expect at the repair shop when your Saturn SL won't start How is a no-start diagnosis fixed? Correcting most no-start problems usually involves replacing the alternator, starter or battery, cleaning connections, ignition system repairs, or fuel system repairs.. My car will not turn over - So about 2 month ago, my car would not start. Car was running and shut off on me while driving,got it to start once more and it has full power,but won't crank over. 2002 Saturn S-Series 3 Dr SC2 Coupe-Maintenance & Repair. Start a new Saturn S-Series question..

What to expect at the repair shop when your Saturn SL1 won't start How is a no-start diagnosis fixed? Correcting most no-start problems usually involves replacing the alternator, starter or battery, cleaning connections, ignition system repairs, or fuel system repairs.. 1997 Saturn cranks but not fire. Replaced Crankshaft positioning sensor, spark plugs, plug wires and coil pack. Checked all fuses. It gets gas. It started after replacing the above, then died about 7. 2002 Saturn SL1- Cranks but won't start was created by D. J. My Saturn cranks but won't start, I've replaced the battery, crank position sensor, the fuel pump activates when I turn the key to run, but I'm not getting a spark at the spark plugs..

Mar 11, 2014  · No start,cranks ok ,spark OK injection pulse OK no fuel pressure How to check no start on a Ford,Lincoln Or Mercury Engine cranks but won't start How to Fix a FREE CAR that Cranks. Dec 30, 2008  · My Saturn SL2 with a new battery won't start - cranking and turning, but not starting.? cranks but wont start 9 times out of 10 it needs a crank position sensor.if it clicks it needs a starter or poor conection ,test for 12 volts at starter ! My 1999 Saturn sl2 will not start?. Replied by cobaltcoupe2.2 on topic Saturn S-Series common problems/failures 1999 SL1 125000, yeah intake gasket. It just roars to 3000rpm when started and drops to like 1800rpm..

2001 Saturn SL1 Turns Over but Does Not Start? Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. I hear there is a Crank Position Sensor problem with these cars, anyone think that could be the issue here? If so where is it located and how much of a pain is it to replace? Present: '95 SC2 '97 SL2 Auto '01 SC1 Man '02 SL1 Man Past: '94 SL2 Man '95 SL2. Could a faulty temperature sensor in a 1997 Saturn SC1 cause the car to not start? What could cause a 99 Saturn SL2 to crank but not start Could it be the crank sensor? Answer . Perhaps a blown fuel pump.\n. haha, i own a 96 sl2, same problem Mine was the fan switch was bad, so i would look at that first, easyer and cheaper.. My car cranks but it will not start. I have had the distributor cap and rotor replaced along with the ignition coil and my main relay under the steering wheel column. I have a crank no start issue. I'm not getting any spark asked by John A on May 05, 2017. I have a crank no start issue. I'm not getting any spark. Get an instant quote.

Nov 17, 2006  · 94' Saturn cranks but won't start Results 1 to 4 of 4 Discuss 94' Saturn cranks but won't start in the alt.autos.gm forum at Car Dealer Forums; I've got a '94 Saturn SL2 which will not start, just cranks.. Sep 19, 2017  · How To Replace Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap and Rotor 1996-1998 Chevy GMC Truck 5.7 Vortec Tune Up - Duration: 17:11. Wrench Sense 41,812 views. Strange non-start/no crank issue 99 Saturn SL-1 Automatic. Maintenance/Repairs. saturn. sl. Something that was suggested to me with a no crank no start was the ignition switch going bad. Something to keep in the back of your mind if all else fails. db4690 2018-07-21 23:36:51 UTC #11..

The 1999 Saturn SL2 has 6 problems reported for won't start. Average repair cost is $0 at 126,350 miles.. Feb 20, 2013  · Re: 97 Saturn sl1 will crank but wont start If there are any pieces of the teeth missing at all, it will just continue to ruin starters. We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.. My niece’s Saturn has a ‘no start’ mood it gets into once in a while. She can have driven anywhere, park, and when she gets back in to leavenothin’. no dash lights, no dingdingding, no dome light, no radio, no crank..

Mar 13, 2009  · When there is cold weather here, and there is plenty here in Alaska, my wife's Saturn ceased to start. If I take off the intake tubing (not a car guru here, not very technical terminology) and bring it inside, after it thaws I can dump a smallish amount of water out of it.. Dec 06, 2018  · Saturn S-series. Page 1 of 16 1 Saturn SL2 warning Lights for temp and fluids. Bill, Dec 27, 2008. Replies: 2 Views: 1,600. Bob Shuman Dec 28, 2008. Loud 1996 SL2. 2007 saturn vue cranks but no start jemstudio2006 posted Dec 8, 2018. Ion Clutch free play? pjk posted Dec 6, 2018.. 1997 Saturn SL2 1.9L Balancer Posted to GM Electrical on 4/21/2010 9 Replies Welcome to our bizarre worldThis saturn was towed in with a no start cranks ok..

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